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“After forty-two years of healthcare experience and twenty-two years as a nurse practitioner, I was very excited for the opportunity to open a private family practice on February 1, 2022.

Brock Family Care is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model with office visits on Monday through Thursday offering telehealth appointments as needed.

Providing flat-rate pricing and not accepting any forms of health insurance allows for more personalized and affordable healthcare. Prepaid monthly memberships are also offered with a broad range of primary care services, including bloodwork and in-office procedures. A pay-per-visit option is offered as well, with access to discounted labs.

My staff and I are dedicated in providing healthcare that is patient centered, giving the patient the time and the attention they need. We fight for LIFE!”
A Message From Our Staff
As Christians, we love everyone and will fight for life! We believe that God is the only One that gives us life and is the only One that should take it away. So, our job as healthcare professionals is to provide the most dedicated care in every way we can until the last breath is taken.
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Telehealth Services
Telehealth visits are very convenient, especially when you are sick and do not feel like leaving your home. Or you may be at work and just need a quick visit to get your medication refills.

We understand how telehealth has been an important tool for patients not to delay care, but there are certain circumstances that your provider may need to evaluate you in person! To make a telehealth appointment, please call our office at 828-382-7282 or you can schedule it online here. Wednesdays are our dedicated telehealth days, but we also accommodate telehealth visits on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a link to connect to your provider. It is easy and simple! You will also receive an email with some forms to fill out electronically. For pricing, there are two payment options for telehealth visits.

There is a $50 flat-fee that will be charged at the time of your appointment, or you may opt to enroll in one of our membership plans. To learn more about the membership plans, please click below.
“I have such confidence in Anne Brock. She has been my Primary Care Provider for 8 years and I trust her completely. I have never had anxiety seeing her; she is caring and interested in everything I say. Anne follows up on me and always has such life and compassion. Anne is a true medical professional!”
Marilyn M.
“We fight for life” states Brock Family Care business cards. We can say that is true. Phil had COVID in the early days of the pandemic and was hospitalized for 95 days. When his last hospital doctor was “giving up” on him, we followed Anne’s advice and it literally saved his life. She has been our Primary Care Provider for many years. There is much we can say about Anne and her care, especially since our COVID experience. Suffice it to say, we are grateful for all she has done to help with Phil’s recovery. It has been a ”not giving up” attitude that has brought him through!
Alice S. (Wife of Phil S.)
“Anne is one of the most loving, caring, and compassionate providers I have ever been to. She always takes her time with me to make sure I get the best care possible!”
Olivia M.